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Below you will find detailed information about our business, property management services and tenant services. Use the menu at the top of the page to find the specific information of services you are searching for.

Why choose Pro-Rentals as your Property Management Auckland Team?

We are landlords ourselves and therefore we know what Landlords want. We offer a specialised Tenant Check and Tenant Screening process in order to match the best tenants to the right properties. We offer a 60 day money back guarantee and flexible property management services from fully managed to choosing tenants and collecting rent only. All our documents are lawyer drafted and all properties are managed using Gateway Live property management software. Our maintenance team is headed by a Licensed Building Practitioner who is experienced in property maintenance, renovations, and leaky building remediation. We care about your property as if it was our own.

How does the Tenant Screening and Tenant Checks work?

We believe that taking time to carry out extensive checks on tenants gives you a much higher chance of selecting top quality tenants that will look after your property and pay the rent on time. We offer three levels of Tenant Screening, bronze, silver and gold. The tenant must give us permission to carry out the tenant checks. We look at bad debt history, drivers licence check, tenancy tribunal database, talk to previous landlords, current employers and the ministry of justice. Once all this information is attained we can assess the tenant and the suitability to your property. The tenant also has a document that they can pass to future landlords with the tenant checking history.

What Pro-Rentals Property Management Auckland package would best suit my needs?

We offer three packages depending on your needs.

Our “Hands On” package is for those landlords that live close to their rental property and have the time and like to deal with the day to day issues but would prefer financial administration, tenancy documentation, tenant screening and tribunal hearings to be handled on their behalf by a property manager.

Our “Interactive” package is for landlords that like to have some input into the management of their property but time constraints mean they need to delegate more to their property manager. Under this package we provide tenant checks, tenant screening and documentation, rent collection, first inspection, bond lodgment and claims against the bond, property marketing and viewings, tenant sign up, arrange repairs only, and termination checklists.

Our “Freedom” package is for landlords that require full management of every aspect of their investment property and enjoy peace of mind knowing that this Property Management Auckland Company pays more attention to detail than any other. Under this package we provide tenant checks, tenant screening and documentation, rent collection, first and three monthly inspections, bond lodgment and claims against the bond, property marketing and viewing, tenant sign up and rent reviews, arranging and payment of repairs, tenancy termination and attending tribunal hearings.

Pro-Rentals for your Property Management Auckland Peace of Mind?

Whether you are renting or a property owner who wants to let out your home come to Pro-Rentals for peace of mind. Renters and owners are better choosing a property management company who really cares about your property. As an owner you can list the property yourself but this takes time and money and that’s why it makes sense to call Pro-Rentals your property management Auckland company. Pro-Rentals your Property Management Auckland company can provide tenant checks and tenant screening for prospective tenants. For you as the owner to do this it costs time and resources and you could lose hundreds of dollars if you do not choose the right tenant. Once a tenant is found you are the one to collect the rent, inspect the property and organise property repairs we at Pro-Rentals your property management Auckland company can do all this for you. We will make sure tenants can pay the rent and have a clean credit history. A reputable property management company in Auckland will make sure rent is paid in a timely manner as procedures are in place to deal with late payments and we pride ourselves on only letting to high quality tenants.

Pro-Rentals your Property Management Auckland Company can save you money over time?

Tenants renting your property have as many rights as you the owner. If you are looking to rent out your property it is important to know both your rights and your tenant’s rights. All our documentation is lawyer drafted and it is our job to know the rights of both parties. By having this knowledge and using Pro-Rentals as your property management Auckland company you can save time and money knowing the rights of both parties are being looked after in regards to the RTA 1986.

Pro-Rentals is the Property Management Auckland Company for Overseas Property Investors?

Our demographic is to let mid to high end properties and provide a complete service to investors.

Our maintenance specialist is a licensed building practitioner that has the skills to deal with all aspects of your property requirements from small maintenance issues to project managing larger building repairs and leaky home repairs. Whatever the issue is we have the skills to deal with it providing peace of mind to investors who live overseas. We also provide pro active property inspections which can highlight items that need attention within a certain frame and liaise with owners on the next course of action. In order for investors to maintain high rental income their properties must be well looked after and maintained. At Pro-Rentals your Property Management Auckland Company we have the expertise and attention to detail to provide overseas investors the assurance that their properties are in good hands.

Why Pro-Rentals your Property Management Auckland Company is good value?

Some investors decide not to hire a property manager because they do not want to lose any rental income. However a good property manager is invaluable and can practically pay for themselves as they know the right price to rent your property at, provide tenant checks and tenant screening so you as the owner get good quality tenants who pay the rent on time and look after your property. Pricing your property at the incorrect rate can invariably lead to loss of rent due to long vacancies. If your property is vacant for a few months that can lead to thousands in lost rent. What price do you put on stress and aggravation if tenants don’t pay or cause damage to your property and you as the owner are left to deal with it. Let Pro-Rentals your Property Management Auckland company provide you with a good value service without the stress and aggravation.

What is Pro-Rentals your Property Management Auckland Company point of difference?

The team at Pro-Rentals are property investors themselves and so they know first hand what is important to our owners and the value of having good relationships with both owners and tenants.

We understand the value of placing the right tenant in the right property and we do this through our comprehensive tenant check and tenant screening process.

Our property documentation is lawyer drafted by one of New Zealand’s most sought after consultants and trainer on Tenancy and Property Management issues.

We have implemented a computerised Property Management System so we can accurately record rents collected and are immediately alerted by the system when a tenant is overdue with the rent and action is taken immediately. The system is run by an Accounting Professional who is fully trained in all aspects of the system.

Our Maintenance Manager is a Certified Building Practitioner experienced in all areas of building including project management, alterations, new homes and leaky home repairs.

Our aim to offer Property Management Services to owners with mid to high end rentals and to cap the number of properties we service in order to provide owners with peace of mind and confidence that their properties have our full commitment and time.

Why Choose Us?

  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 300 Point Tenant Checklist
  • Licensed Building Practitioner
  • Lawyer Drafted Agreements
  • Pre-approved Tenant Database
  • Flexible Property Management Services
  • Local Marketing Experts
  • Private Investigator & Tribunal Services
  • Pre-Approved Tenants


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